In the course of redeveloping the Ahmedabad planetarium we realized the dearth or scarcity of required resources for the same. This inspired us to develop such
resources for other people in the field so that we could bridge the gap between the NEED and SUPPLY of the same.

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Planatorium Dome

Very popular, with a pin hole projection system. The sky can be viewed in a dome with this  pin hole projection system. Read More..

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Planatorium Projection

It is the first Plug and Play Digital Planetarium of its kinds which has received the Innovation Award of 2014-‘15 by the Ministry of industries-India. With the use of a special projector and  lens a 180/360* dome film m film can be projected. This becomes a thrilling experience if exciting astronomical films are viewed in such a planetarium. Read More..

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Film Production House

Films made outside the country are very expensive in terms of its Licence Fee and they also do not make Indian viewers be able to connect due to several reasons. So our production house with the help famous Indian Scientists, Script writers, Photographers, Animators etc develop films. Read More..

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Science Display models

For the Exhibition Halls of our Science Center and Planetarium we designed and developed several Science Models. Various schools, colleges, Science Centers and planetariumsuse our models. Read More..

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Souvenir Articles

We have developed several Souvenir articles for Science  shops or Souvenir Shops at  Planeteriums and Science Centers.Rocket models, Telescopes,Model making kits, 3d  posters ,Key chains,books etc are a few Souvenir articles developed by us. We can also develop such articles on demand  for other agencies on their  name. Read More..

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Planetarium development Unit

Today we have architects, interior designers ,civil engineers and an entire team related to planetarium technology which equips us strongly to build planetariums in any part of the world. Read More..